Brief builder for video content creation

Video content creation brief builder

Welcome to the StreamFox brief builder page. We understand that sometimes knowing precisely what information you need to pass on when requesting a quotation for content creation can be tricky.

We have devised this short form in order to make life a little easier for everyone involved. Once you have provided us with some basic details about your project, we will piece together a short brief in preparation for our first meeting. 

It really is as simple as it looks. Give us some details, let us pull it all together to come up with a plan of action and then we are ready to roll. 

We want you to get what you want from the video production process. Let's work together to get the right results. 

The more information you can offer us the more accurate we can be with follow-up queries and quotations. Don't hold back, give us as much info as you possibly can, knowledge is power :).

  • The Basics

  • About the Project

    Give us as much info as possible, leave nothing out.
  • Please select which option(s) best describe your project
  • Where possible please provide an approximate budget for the project
  • Give us a quick summary of what is required to the best of your understanding. Eg. "live-stream a launch event, include 5 different speakers, two of whom will need to pre-record their contribution...."
  • Tell us a little about the target audience for your video or live-stream. Eg. general public, 18 - 35 year olds, publicans etc.
  • Why is this content being commissioned? What is the purpose of it and what need will it ultimately fill. Who will it affect and why?
  • What do you envisage will be the outcome of the production? Eg. 3 videos - 1 x 4-6 mins, 2 x 60 secs, live-streamed/pre-recorded etc.
  • Follow Up

    If you would like us to schedule a follow-up call or Zoom meeting please indicate your availability below.
  • Upload max 100mb.
    Drop files here or

See, it really is that simple!

When you tell us what you need and want, we can work with you to make it happen — professional video productions and live streaming are our thing after all!

So build your plan and get in touch today to start your video content creation journey with StreamFox.

Struggling to put your project into words? We've got you covered.

Complete the StreamFox brief builder form and we will piece it all together for you.