Live Streaming with StreamFox

Professional live streaming can be daunting for the uninitiated. While logically, it may seem relatively straightforward, it can become complex quite quickly. Things become much more challenging when you want to factor in a professional look and feel, especially video elements, graphics, and music tracks.

Here at StreamFox, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders in live-streaming and virtual event management solutions. When you require pre-recorded, real-time live video streaming or a combination of both, we are one of the top service providers in Ireland.

Whether you are using one of our partner Broadcast Studios or live streaming from your own offices, we have an unbeatable track record of producing high quality, best-in-class content in various settings.

Contact us today to find out more and let us help you to connect with your audience. 

Broadcast quality live streams
Real world professional experience
Complete studio hire, camera, lighting, autocue packages. We take care of everything
Bespoke intro videos, graphics, packages, lower thirds, stings
Virtual event platform (Hopin, Zoom etc) management and admin services
Communications training for speakers and contributors available

How it works

At StreamFox, we take the guesswork out of what can be a very daunting task - live video streaming.

First, we define your specific requirements by working with you to understand your needs. The most important part of our job is to fully understand the message you want to send out, your target audience, and why you want to reach them. 

Once we have a grasp of the project brief, we will then lay out a suite of options designed to assist you in achieving your live streaming goals and communicating your message. Then we outline your best options, explain the rationale behind them showing you how and where this relates to your key objectives as set out in the brief.

We believe in transparency regarding cost. We set out the costs associated with each element required clearly and work with you to keep projects within budget.

When we have established a clear scoping document and you have accepted our quotation, we move on to pre-production.

FAQ: What do you provide? Do we need to hire cameras or equipment?

Answer: StreamFox provides everything. Our team will define the technical requirements, identify the appropriate equipment and itemise the associated costs within the scoping document.

  • 1. Pre - Production
  • 2. Production & Broadcast
  • 3. Post - Production

Preparation is the key to a successful live video streaming production!

During the pre-production phase, the StreamFox team works with all the relevant stakeholders. We work directly with you, your team and any other contributors to ensure that everyone is reading from the same hymn sheet. This collaboration helps us develop a shared understanding of what we are all trying to achieve together, leading to a better end product. 

During this phase, we will also: 

- Conduct technical recces and lockdown shooting locations/studios for the live streaming event

- Identify and resolve technical requirements

- Create a shooting schedule and assign a project manager

- Review, revise and collate additional videos, images, audio files from the client

- Create scripts, storyboards and mock-ups for review, revision and sign off

- Schedule and implement communications training (where requested)

The content to be delivered dictates the production phase of live streaming events.

If the event is solely a real-time live video stream, then the production and live stream will happen simultaneously. Having built and lit the set, our production team will capture the video and audio in real-time, which will feed into the vision mixer, who will then broadcast the stream across the globe.

But, if your live stream is wholly or partly pre-recorded, then the production phase will begin with the capturing of that video content. This content, which can be captured days, weeks or even months in advance, will pass through a primary post-production phase to prepare it for broadcast before mixing into the live stream.

Pre-recorded content delivered "as-live" is becoming an increasingly popular option for organisations and individuals who like the option of editing or re-recording content.

Post-production is not essential when live streaming is in real-time. We can provide a recording of the entire event immediately after via physical drive or online transfer.

Where pre-recorded content is required, the post-production process provides clients with the opportunity to review the content before live video streaming, with a pre-agreed number of revision rounds.

StreamFox worked with Monaghan County Council to produce three Facebook concerts during June 2020. The professionalism and technical knowledge shown by the StreamFox team was excellent. All three shows were produced to the highest standard and within budget. I have no hesitation in recommending the company and I hope we can work together again the future.

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