Communication & Presentation Training

Communications and Presentation Training

Strong presentation skills can make a huge difference to what you're trying to communicate. There's a reason professional presenters are paid what they are - they make something difficult seem easy. So, if you need to brush up on your communications and presentations skills, we are here to help.

At StreamFox, we pride ourselves on being able to distill the key aspects of good presentation into a format anyone can digest. It's a sport - You wouldn't try to run a marathon without training, so we coach you in what you need to know and give you the skills to consistently improve your ability to bring your audience on the journey you have defined for them.

Our communications and presentation workshops are built into one-day blocks that can be attended by up to eight (8) team members, and bench-marked so all attendees can see how they improve over the course of the curriculum.

For smaller teams, half day workshops can be facilitated with a maximum of 5 attendees, benchmarked and encouraged the whole way through by our team of dedicated coaches.

If you have a specific block of content that needs to be delivered confidently and consistently, we can also work with you to break it into bite-sized pieces, show your team how to present it in its most easily-digestible format, and make sure that anyone who's speaking on your behalf is delivering your message cleanly, digestibly, and most importantly memorably.

We will make amplifiers out of not only your team, but your target audiences.

How it works

The second we show up with cameras and lights, is the second most of our clients have a road to Damascan revelation. The panic sets in, and erstwhile confidence disappears. At StreamFox, we pride ourselves on helping you with your communications by taking the sting out of that moment, and restoring all our on-screen talent to a state of almost zen-like confidence, ready to do the job they came to do.

We start by taking your existing message, and refining it so it's easy to understand, not only for those who have to deliver it, but for those they're delivering it to.

Got a massive media interview coming up? No problem. We can reasonably predict half a dozen questions you're likely to be asked, prep you with sample answers, and make sure you speak with confidence and authority on your subject of expertise.

Presenting an awards ceremony for the first time? Easy. We'll get you ready to go up there with your biggest, most open smile, and genuinely share in the excitement of nominees and viewers alike.

Need to present a massive 40-slide deck to a confused / disengaged audience? We'll break it down into digestible pieces, and show you how to work the room, even over Zoom, so everyone sits up and takes note.

It doesn't matter what you're trying to say, our process is the same. Content is king, so we start there. Once we have refined your message, and we're sure you understand it top to bottom, inside and out, we set to work preparing you to deliver it. We coach and encourage you until you're at the top of your game, and ready to look at the same cameras and lights like they're just another part of the furniture.

Once we do our job correctly, not only will you be able to repeat your messaging accurately as often as necessary, but SO WILL YOUR AUDIENCE. Manna from heaven for marketeers the world over.

Get the most out of your communications and presentation skills by contacting us today to avail of our training. 

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