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Client: Jack and Jill Foundation – Incognito

Year: 2021

Timeframe: 2 months

Main Service: Video Production, Client outreach, Launch Event

Filming Location: Meath, Cork, Louth

What do you do when you have three thousand individual artworks, a deadline for selling them, and no access to a gallery to showcase your wares? That’s the problem that faced the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation in advance of their annual ‘Incognito’ pot luck art sale this year.

Every year, they ask artists from all over the world to contribute work on a postcard-sized canvas, which is then sold to fund their vital work with children with life-limiting conditions and their families. The twist? You can look at the art all you like – It’s sold on a first-come, first-served basis when the sale opens. But you won’t know who produced the work until it’s actually in your hands.


Previous years have seen customers purchasing bold and vivid prints, only to discover they’re from Adrian + Shane, or innocuous looking pen sketches of guitars, only to find the signature of Bruce Springsteen on the other side. Each piece of work sold is unique, donated by the artists concerned, and its proceeds fund up to four hours home help nursing care for some of the neediest children in the country and their families.


We were honoured and delighted to help the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation realise a launch event for this year’s ‘Incognito’. Early doors, we agreed that there was an inherent risk in broadcasting live, so we agreed on an “as-live” chat-show format, featuring interviews with artists in the “studio”, Zoom chats with artists abroad, inserts detailing some of the incredible work the foundation do and the difference it makes to families, and profiles of artists who have contributed both this year, and in the past.

One hour’s Light-Ent, a restricted budget, one month to pull it all together, and a global pandemic lurking in the background. Never let it be said we don’t like a challenge.

We are extremely proud of the finished article. More importantly, we’re pretty sure the client are too. Why not contact us to see what we can produce together, live or as-live?

Interested in supporting The Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation? Why not visit their website https://www.incognito.ie to find out more about this amazing fund raising arts event.

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