Portfolio Description

Client: Culture Night

Year: 2020

Timeframe: 1 month

Main Service: Livestream, Video Production, Live Music

Filming Location: Monaghan

If ever there was a year to celebrate culture, it was 2020. So we were delighted when the Patrick Kavanagh Centre in Monaghan engaged the StreamFox team to livestream and evening of live music and poetry.

As afar as venue’s go, it is hard to find many which make such great use use of a relativiely small space as The Patrick Kavanagh Centre in Iniskeen, Co. Monaghan. While the venues small scale posed a number of technical challenges for our crew, we are not easily undone, and take pride in our ability to overcopme such logistical challenges.

Paradoxically, the way in which we overcame the lack of space, was to increase the amount of equipment in the room. By adding another camera to our set-up we were able to increase visual coverage whilst simultaneously minimising the amount of movement required by camera operators in order to capture everything.

This was a true hybrid event, with both a seated live audience in the venue and an online audience viewing from home. While for the StreamFox team our number one concern was the online audience, it was vital that we work with the team at The Patrick Kavanagh centre to ensure that the live audience could get an unobstructed view of the show and hear everything throguh the house speaker system.

We worked with the lighting director to find the right balance between exposing the stage for our cameras and the audiences eyes. We also coordinated with the sound technician who partnered with the StreamFox sound technician in order to produce both a live mix and a broadcast mix.

We were delighted to be invited into the Patrick Kavanagh Centre for this monumentous event, and we were delighted to see that all of our planning paid off and the event went off without a hitch.

We are extremely proud of the finished article. More importantly, we’re pretty sure the client are too. Why not contact us to see what we can produce together, live or as-live?

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