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About Us

With a combined 20+ year's producing digital media, we have experienced every facet of the industry. (Learn more about us and our team below.)

From short films to live television broadcasts, the duo behind StreamFox has a wealth of experience in both the creative and technical skillsets required, to consistently produce high-quality video content. This makes us the A Team when it comes to video production.

Dedicated to your success

Working with our team, our job is to ensure that your target audience enjoys a bespoke, interactive and engaging experience – one that not only looks and sounds fantastic but also pushes the boundaries of expectation.

Our job is to paint you as the go-to people in your field. We work together to make your clients pick up the phone.

Our team is ready to join yours. Let’s produce something special!

Read on to find out more about us and our experience.

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Meet the team

About us - Adam Brennan

Adam Brennan

Technical Director

Adam Brennan is the technical whizz behind StreamFox and knows his way around filmmaking equipment and software. With over 15 years' experience in the digital media sector, working with global brands and independent filmmakers, Adam runs a tight ship on set.

About us - Conchubhair Mac Lochlainn

Conchubhair Mac Lochlainn

Communications Director

Conchubhair Mac Lochlainn is the Communications king behind StreamFox. He has spent 15 years working in both communications and multimedia with some of the biggest brands and broadcasters on the planet.

About us - Sally Aquilina

Sally Aquilina

Project Manager

Sally Aquilina has worked in business consultancy for a range of clients for over a decade. Sally’s eye for detail and ability to call the shots before a problem arises, means she manages all StreamFox productions. Sally says jump, production crews ask “How high?”.

About us - Jack Brennan

Jack Brennan


Jack Brennan wears many hats at StreamFox. From location sound recordist, to key grip, Jack's skills are varied, and yet, all too often critical to a successful production.


Our Insights

Captioning videos for social media. Should I? Why should I? How do I?

One thing we find trips clients quite often when they’ve invested in video content for their brand is how to make it accessible to most people. A lot of work has gone into putting the best possible representation of who they are and what they do forward, and there’s one small hurdle that plenty come-a-cropper on Captioning. Here’s a perfectly acceptable still from a piece of video that tells us there’s a man talking to us, and a lower third that lets us know that his name is Eoin McCambridge, from McCambridge’s of Galway. But not all shots are going...

Why are pre-records replacing live-streamed content?

Over the past number of years, many organisations have been forced to rethink their video marketing strategies. The pandemic rendered standard / traditional production methods impractical due to health and practical restrictions like social distancing. Live-streams quickly emerged as a viable alternative, and a solution that allowed for some semblance of normality. This level of viability quickly gained traction for certain types of event; panel discussions, live music and hybrid, reduced-audience events amongst them. But for other types of event, live-streaming poses significant risks. Even where technical hitches like broadband outages are surmounted, sometimes John from HR needs a second...

Switching to a Livestream at the last minute? How StreamFox can help.

The issue we are all facing. You’ve organised your company's big annual conference, new campaign event or seminar. It's going to be amazing. Then you are informed that the capacity has to be halved. The reintroduction of some restrictions means that only those who must attend in person can do so. Does this mean failure? Have you have wasted all that time lining up those amazing speakers or getting the press to attend? Can we simply point some cameras at the stage and Livestream it with a phone? These are the questions we have been receiving over the past few...

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