Arthritis Ireland 2021 | Conversations Series

Arthritis Ireland 2021 | Conversations Series

Every organization struggles with delivering concise, accurate and relevant information in manageable, bite-sized messages.

Now imagine coupling that with being the sole advocacy group charged with supporting people with as wide and varied a condition as arthritis, and improving their quality of life.

From the various different types of arthritis, through to covering all sufferers from the newly-diagnosed through to those who have lived with it for decades, and the fact that research into and understanding of the disease is continuing apace, Arthritis Ireland often find themselves the first and most frequent point of support for people living with arthritis in Ireland.

They asked us for some help with developing a format whereby they could interrogate leading subject-matter experts for information that could be presented in small-pieces, covering a range of topics and questions their clients most often have, re-packaged and presented for social media updates, and entertaining enough to command audience attention and engagement over longer periods.

We put our heads together, and came up with “In Conversation With…”, a series of fireside chats with subject matter experts who could, over the course of 45 minutes or so, answer some of the most common questions Arthritis Ireland are asked on a daily basis. The beauty of the format is that each individual answer can be broken out into its own standalone social media package, and both they, and the whole piece, can be hosted anywhere – including audiences’ podcasting platforms of choice.

Armed with the concept, we sourced a location for each shoot, dressed the sets, and recorded everything both in 4K video in order to future-proof the content, but also in high fidelity audio, so there existed an option to strip the audio altogether for podcast platforms that don’t as of yet take video streams.

We also developed a bespoke set of graphic assets, including opening and closing credits, stings and idents, that can be recycled over subsequent shoots to give the series a strong visual identity and leitmotif, generating strong brand association, and further endearing Arthritis Ireland as the trusted, go-to resource for those living with arthritis.

This is also a concept that we feel can be applied to a plethora of other subjects, industries and arenas. Why not contact us to find out more?

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