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Everybody has a story to tell, and there's more than one way to tell that story. We look for the best way! 

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When what you need to say requires a little extra consideration. Pre-record and edit later 😉

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When there's no time like the present - LIVE is the way to go!

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What we do

Your message requires video. It needs to look great! But perhaps you're struggling with precisely how to go about achieving that?  That's where StreamFox step in.

We work with you to define your audience, and refine your message, before devising a strategy to ensure you achieve your communications targets. Then we deliver broadcast-quality, visually-engaging content that your organisation will be proud to showcase. 

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Video Production Dublin and the rest of Ireland

Our work

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The Wheel – Community Impact Awards 2020

Awards Show, Charity, Livestreams, Not for profit, Video Production

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Jack and Jill Foundation – Incognito 2021

Brand and Identity, Charity, Client outreach, Content Strategy, Not for profit, Video Production

How we work

At StreamFox we are not fans of unnecessary complications. We break everything down into four basic measurable steps. PLAN. SHOOT. EDIT. DELIVER.


Whether it is for a corporate video production or a live streaming event, we'll define your message, identify your audience and produce everything from the creative brief to the shooting schedule, simplifying the entire production process.


No matter the budget, our aim is to always produce the best possible result. We use the latest cameras, lighting and audio equipment to ensure you get the best bang for your buck.


We craft your final message in the post-production suite. Incorporating video, audio and effects to create something unique. Your input is integral to this process.


We will deliver your final video in whichever format best suits the chosen platform. We take into consideration how much screen real estate we have to work with in order to ensure that your video looks its best.


What can we help you with?

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Our Insights

Captioning videos for social media. Should I? Why should I? How do I?

One thing we find trips clients quite often when they’ve invested in video content for their brand is how to make it accessible to most people. A lot of work has gone into putting the best possible representation of who they are and what they do forward, and there’s one small hurdle that plenty come-a-cropper on Captioning. Here’s a perfectly acceptable still from a piece of video that tells us there’s a man talking to us, and a lower third that lets us know that his name is Eoin McCambridge, from McCambridge’s of Galway. But not all shots are going...

Why are pre-records replacing live-streamed content?

Over the past number of years, many organisations have been forced to rethink their video marketing strategies. The pandemic rendered standard / traditional production methods impractical due to health and practical restrictions like social distancing. Live-streams quickly emerged as a viable alternative, and a solution that allowed for some semblance of normality. This level of viability quickly gained traction for certain types of event; panel discussions, live music and hybrid, reduced-audience events amongst them. But for other types of event, live-streaming poses significant risks. Even where technical hitches like broadband outages are surmounted, sometimes John from HR needs a second...

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